Michelle Chin after a dive I'm a UXer with a graphic design and quality assurance background. I thrive on bridging gaps whether it’s between people, concepts, or processes. Figuring out ways to make everyday issues more efficient, easier-to-use, and less stressful is a something I’m constantly doing. I believe persuasive design is the underlying component of UX design. I hold a Master’s in Interaction Design and Information Architecture from the University of Baltimore and I’m the founder of exploreUX, a Meetup for UX enthusiasts.

Outside of work and this UX realm, my curiosity and sense of adventure have provided me with a myriad of interests - cycling, scuba diving, vintage scooters, and triathlons. I’m an aficionado of ska, reggae, and 60s-style soul music. Although I have no musical ability, I’ve been a ska/reggae concert promoter for half my life and have become pretty versed as a live sound engineer. Join my journey through life as I post it on Instagram and Twitter.


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