Motorcycle gear isn’t just to prevent fatalities.
It’s also there to protect you from non-fatal injuries.

Most people “get” why they should wear a helmet, but some don’t understand why they should bother with the rest of the gear (jacket, pants, gloves, and boots). Some people associate “motorcycle accident” with “fatality,” when riders are actually more likely to suffer from non-fatal injuries than fatal ones.

I created this infographic to illustrate how often those non-fatal injuries occur and the effectiveness of motorcycle gear in reducing serious injury. Information is from a thorough 179-page report from the Motorcycle Accidents In Depth Study (MAIDS), which was led by European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM).


The report had an extensive amount of information, data tables, and graphs, to the point where it was too difficult to get a good overall understanding. I went through the report, extracted the necessary information, and redid some calculations to portray the numbers in a meaningful way. Oof, it was a bit challenging!

Pages from the 179-page report

Preliminary calculations for the infographic


Getting the entire data set ready was only the first hurdle. Representing the data was the next challenge. My first iteration only showed frequency and injury intensity based on area, but pie charts make it really difficult to grasp on frequency per each area. I switch from pie charts to bar charts, which are easier to understand. In the final I added more the effectiveness of gear per each area.

First draft

Final infographic (See a bigger version.)