Veterans returning to the civilian workforce might need help with the interviewing process.
We created this app to coach them through it.

Veterans Interviewing Aid (VIA) is a mobile app designed to help veterans with the civilian interviewing process. It coaches vets through the interview preparation phase to the day of the interview to the post-interview phase.

Accessibility was a major consideration since some returning vets might need special accommodations using the app.

I played several roles on this project including interaction/UX designer, accessibility expert, and visual designer.

This was one of the first mobile apps we developed, so I established many standards including: technical specifications, a development process, and storyboard/wireframe guidelines.


The app guides users through the interview process from getting ready to the day of to the post-interview phase. Recognizing the interview process can be daunting, we made the app flow as linear as possible for easy decision making and navigating. We also incorporated several easy-to-use activities.

Key activities included:

  • Customizable interview Q&A flash cards
  • Videos on topics such as what to wear, cleaning your digital footprint, and so on
  • Checklists for each phase
  • Recording/practicing an elevator pitch

To be accessible, we designed more than one option for interacting with these activities.


Accessibility played a huge role in the design of this project. Some vets returning from service could have a range of challenges and injuries that needed special accommodation such as visual/hearing impairments, traumatic brain injury, and reduced motor skill functionality.

A few things we did to help included using:

  • bigger buttons and text;
  • tapping gestures over swiping or pinching ones;
  • and simple, plain language in our copy.

My colleague and I spoke about our accessible design features at User Focus 2012 in a presentation called “mLearning for Veterans: Designing for Diverse Audiences and Accessibility.” View our handout from the presentation.


Once the interactions were designed, I created the user interface for the app. The biggest challenges in creating an accessible interface were:

  • including enough color contrast for elements,
  • designing a multi-platform app,
  • and making the UI elements big enough without it looking like a kids’ app.


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