USER EXPERIENCE DESIGNER: "Make things better" has always been my mantra, so it's no wonder I fell in love with UX design. Whether it's a tough-to-use website, a bad app, or a void in the music scene, I'm constantly figuring out how to make things simpler, run smoother, help people, or take things to the next level. I love working through the challenges of making those things better.

THOUGHT LEADER: Coming into the world of experience design has led me to champion the field. You can catch me speaking at various events, as well as hosting exploreUX - a meetup for UX enthusiasts.

COLLABORATOR: Solutions can be found quicker when collaborating. We're able to brainstorm ideas, run through scenarios, and troubleshoot so much more rapidly than when working individually. Have a project or want to join in on one of mine? Let's get in touch! Explore my portfolio and resume or learn more about me.


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