Hey friends, I’m Michelle!

I’m a DesignOps leader with a life-long passion for making things better. I thrive on building relationships and community, introducing just the right amount of process, and minimizing change aversion. 

Currently, I’m a Design Advocate at zeroheight. I provide guidance to designers and teams with their design systems and design operations, so they can focus on doing their very best work.  I also have a passion for mentoring and coaching people in their design careers.

My friend Mary Fran and I host a podcast, UX in Real Life, where we talk about UX both at work and in the real world. We’re on most major podcast services like Apple and Spotify

Operationalizing is a natural skill of mine. For over half my life, I promoted ska/punk/reggae shows, which comes with a mountain of logistics! Sometimes, I’ll take PTO and tour manage for Pilfers, a ska/raggacore band out of NYC. Handling all the band logistics on the road may seem like work, but it’s so much fun that it doesn’t feel like it.

Selfie of me and a T. Rex
Taking selfies with animals does come with some risks.
My home in animal crossing full of bugs in their cages
Animal Crossing New Horizons brought out the 10-year-old version of me. I got rid of all my furniture and packed my home full of bugs and fish. 😆

Outside of work, I love hiking and camping, driving my Ford Fiesta ST, scuba diving, and eating ramen. If I wasn’t in design/tech, I probably would have become an entomologist. I live in Oakland, CA with my husband and two cats – Henry Rollins and Yuki.

Wanna chat?

Please reach out to me on LinkedIn.