My experience spans from DesignOps to design systems, people management to project management, and inclusive design to UX strategy. Here are some of my work highlights. I’m happy to talk about these projects and experiences. LinkedIn is the best way to get in touch!

Design systems

I’ve been working on design systems for over ten years. My experience includes everything from tactical to strategic work, building teams, and consulting other enterprise companies about their design systems.

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Operational efficiencies

I love applying my UX skills to enhance how people and teams work. I enjoy crafting solutions that minimize change aversion and are easy to implement.

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Building great teams

Building great teams goes beyond hiring; it includes welcoming and onboarding new hires and creating effective processes to ensure their success.

Inclusive design

Designing with inclusion in mind is a valuable skill that can set you apart, but I believe everyone should have proficiency in it. That’s why I’ve taught numerous UX practitioners how to create accessible and localized designs.

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