My Work

My experience spans from DesignOps leadership, people management, inclusive design, and UX strategy. Here are some of my work highlights.

I’m happy to talk about these projects and more. LinkedIn is the best way to get in touch!

Design System Governance

I created the design system governance process for Citrix’s entire product portfolio. 

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Operational Efficiencies

Highlights of different processes and efficiencies I brought to the Product Design org.

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New Hire Onboarding

We revised our onboarding to so new hires could start their journey at Citrix on the right foot.

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Inclusive Design

I teach UX practitioners about two of my favorite topics: accessibility and localization.

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Story Pointing Design

I created a story pointing method for designers. It’s now a critical communication tool for us.

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UX Mentorship

Our field is more successful when we have more talented people in the field.

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