My Work

My experience spans from DesignOps and people management to inclusive design and UX strategy. Here are some of my work highlights.

I’m happy to talk more about these projects in depth. LinkedIn is the best way to get in touch!

New Hire Onboarding

We revised our onboarding to ensure new hires had an awesome experience and were prepared to start their careers at the company!

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Design System Governance

Operationalizing processes is one of my specialties. Learn more about how I implemented an iterative design system governance process.

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Story Pointing Design

I created a way for our design team to story point our work, so we can accurately plan workloads without overcommitting.

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UX Mentorship

Our field is more successful when we have more talented people in the field. Over the years I’ve participated in different mentorship efforts.

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Designing for a global audience just means creating a better user experience. I came up with best practices that everyone can leverage.

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My background includes designing and testing accessible sites and apps. I also love teaching others how to design for accessibility in mind.

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Navigation Redesign 

Here’s a case study of how we leveraged different tools and methods to redesign the IA for ShareFile.

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