While at Citrix, I learned how to design with localization in mind. From there, I identified some best practices to make it easier for everyone to incorporate it in their design process.

Currently, Citrix translates its product into 10 different languages. Our designs need the flexibility to account for translations shrinking or expanding our UI.

Like accessibility, the more usable a product is for everyone, the better it is. So I’m a huge advocate for designing with localization in mind. How awesome is it when people from around the world can use your product with ease?

It’s not too difficult to accommodate for it, but it can feel daunting to start. To advocate for localization, I presented best practices at UXPA International 2018 and at UX Y’all 2018. Here’s my slide deck from UX Y’all.

Two people talking about the localization use cases

I reference a video from Last Week with John Oliver in my presentation. He talks about a scenario where localization is crucial. You can check the video out on YouTube, but full disclosure – there’s explicit content.