Mentorship – is the best ship!

One of my favorite things is mentoring people interested in UX. It can be hard to get a footing in the field (I know from experience). Our field could definitely use more UXers and mentorship is crucial in fostering that talent – there are so many great UXers in the making!. Not only that, our field is always evolving, so mentorship is a crucial element in UX career development.

In the past, I’ve mentored individuals and, as Director of Mentorship, facilitated Triangle UXPA’s multiple cohorts of our mentorship program (~12-15 mentorship pairs).  I’ve also presented at a Triangle UXPA event, the UX DC conference, and UXPA International about the importance of mentorship.

Mentorship poster

A friend and teammate, Andrew Wirtanen and I presented a poster on the importance of mentorship at IA Summit 2016’s Poster Night.

Check out the full poster and links to resources on our blog post.

Thumbnail of our mentorship poster
UX Mentorship poster

Mentorship: Add value to your career, workplace, and UX community

Along with another friend, we expanded our poster into a full presentation! The presentation includes the basics of mentorship, some myths, how to find a mentor, and how to start a program. Andrew and I presented this talk at UXPA International 2017 in Toronto. Here’s our slide deck.

Demystifying the UX hiring process

For the past few years, Professor Ruel invited me to speak at the University of North Carolina on finding a job in UX. I love doing these talks because I love shedding light on this somewhat mysterious process so we can get some awesome UXers in the field. Here’s one of my slide decks.